Aftershocks || Open

The effects of the gas had left her mind reeling, emotions jumbling around as if she were in a crowd of people. She hadn’t really figured out what was going on until she’d felt the jabbing pain and anxiousness that accompanied her whenever she’d gone into a big city. But even then she’d tried to attribute it to a mere headache. Because Elswood was supposed to be safe. It was supposed to show them how to control their powers. Not make them even stronger when she didn’t even know how to shut them down. 

She’d fled to the basement, hiding in a spare supply closet, hoping that through all the panic and confusion she’d be left alone there. Loosing control was bad enough, but she didn’t want to make anyone even more miserable because she wasn’t able to keep her emotions locked inside.

It was rare for her to project without meaning to these days; even though she still couldn’t figure out how to selectively read other people’s emotions. The last time she could remember doing it was with the Malows, and she could still remember the anger and hurt that had she’d inflicted on them, and they back to her — even if everything else related to that event she’d tried to block out.

The pain centered her, along with the bitterness, drowning out the other emotions although her head still ached from the effects of the gas. Betrayal was present too, after all, she’d been promised safety here, something she’d wanted above all else. But now all her attempts to adjust, to try and understand why she’d had to leave the kids and the nuns, her family when she’d had none, seemed pointless and all she really wanted to do was stay in that closet and hide away until she could run, run until she was gone from all things connected to Elswood and back to the place where she felt safe.

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    I honestly can’t stop laughing, 
    nothing is funny to me
    why the hell is this happening.
    Oh my god did you just see that??


…I didn’t see anything. But my head feels kinda funny.


I’m sorry, what?


…I didn’t say anything. Are you okay?


You learn to deal. And yeah, having people helps.


I knew my parents wanted to send me here since I was a kid, but I didn’t want to go. Neither did my brother. We were gonna run but they found out, drugged us up, and shipped us here in the middle of the night.

…That’s awful. I’m really sorry. It can’t have been easy adjusting to things after that. Is there a reason you never wanted to go?


I’ve been here for two years. So has my twin brother.


 But my parents were alumni and they got out. 

Oh… and it doesn’t really get better? …Being here? But it’s nice you’ve got family here. That must make it a little easier.

Really? Did you know you were going to go here since you were little then?

My Strongest Suit: Sophie's Closet

She wears a white dress
She sees the light and it’s saying ‘come back’

Sophie’s closet consisted mainly of pastels and dresses. She was never daring with her style, nor bold. Just always conservative, feminine, and classic. Most of her clothes were vintage inspired, relying more on past fashion trends that people still loved rather than the latest new thing.

She wears a gold cross
She sheds her skin but it never comes off

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Office Hours || Finn & Sophie


The stack of exams had doubled, and he had been distracted with other, more important projects in the meantime. It wasn’t as if he wasn’t interested, but who was? Most of these people were failing, and very few bothered to ask for help. By the time he’d began to grade every test, six o’clock rolled around, rearing its head far faster than he’d ever noticed. He did have a tendency to trap himself in his projects, even in his mind. After about an hour, his body slowly slumped further and further down, his chair moving outward, before he was sleeping on top of his desk, papers scattered across the wood. The footsteps were completely ignored outside his office; he may as well have been a corpse with how heavily he’d fallen asleep for once. 

Of course, sleeping heavily until the door, with how loud it creaked, jarred his consciousness. The dream interrupted, quite appropriately, he jolted to lean up, nearly knocking the exams off the desk before swiftly catching them and leaning back in his chair. There was a gasp as he pulled his form further back onto the furniture, shifting the chair forward. A small ‘fuck it’ left his lips, under his breath, as he finally rubbed his face and glanced up at Sophie, slowly untying his tie as he did so. Her. The one who needed all the help in the world to claw her way back to a C. If she was smarter, maybe he would’ve found her a little bit cuter, a little bit more pleasant. 

"Ms. Winters," he exhaled, finally cleaning up the stack before tugging out her latest exam, followed by opening up the drawer and tugging out everything in her particular folder. "Came to office hours. A good first step if your bloody textbook’s useless to you," he yawned, finally tugging out his own copy of the textbook and dropping it on his desk. "What am I doing for you this evening?"

It was obvious that she’d disturbed him, her hopes that maybe he wouldn’t have heard her question cast aside as her professor was startled awake. She immediately felt bad, it seemed as if he’d been sleeping rather deeply, and quite possibly needed the rest. With how much work she regularly had, she supposed the teachers had at least twice as much to do.

Quite unsure of what to do as he rearranged his desk to what it looked like she settled on shifting her textbook from one hand to the other before looking back up when she was addressed. Back home things had always been more settled, or at least there’d almost never been a case when she’d caught the adults out of concentration. Then again, this wasn’t an ordinary school, and almost everything to it was strange to her.

His question made her pause, although she’d obviously come here for help, her eyes swiftly glanced at the yet-ungraded exams and the equally as intimidating pile of other papers that covered her teacher’s desk and she wondered how many hours of work they signified. “Well… I figure we could go over my exam? …See what I’m messing up on so I can stop making the same mistakes.” Gesturing slightly towards the exams she added on, “But… if you’re busy, I can come back some other time. I didn’t mean to wake you.” 


That makes you a freshman. Eventually, one of the Administrators in the office will get around to talking to you about your courses and how many classes hours you’ll need for the future. When you finish them all and graduate, you get to leave. 


I hope, anyway.

Oh, alright. So it’s just… kinda like a normal school. Thank you, most people I’ve met are new here too, so it’s nice having someone who knows a bit more about how everything works.

I’m sure we will… I mean, they can’t just keep us here forever. ….Have you been here very long?

E plurbis… fuck me.


[It was strange that Ben felt compelled to be nice to this girl. In a way, he felt like he could say things he normally would’ve avoided entirely.] I had a girlfriend prior to coming here. So I wasn’t that lonely for a little while. [He shook the image of Sarah from his head, not wanting to envision her lifeless body in the bathtub as he so often did when mentioning her.]


What is it you do? Power wise.

That’s nice, it’s always easier when there’s someone else around. [Reading emotions wasn’t something that Sophie liked doing, especially around people she’d just met. But the slight shift in the boy’s emotions was hard not to pick up on and she hesitated slightly before adding on something else — hoping that she wasn’t intruding with her questions.] …Although um… wasn’t it hard for you too then? Leaving her behind?


[Sophie paused at his question, feeling a little bit more invasive than she usually did as she replied.] …It’s empathy. Sorta feeling what others are feeling. What about you?


No need to apologize. I understand. 


I’m Leah. I don’t believe we’ve met. You one of this years freshmen?

Thank you.

No, I don’t think we have. I’m Sophie, it’s nice to meet you. Um… I guess? I just got here a little while ago, so I’m not sure how they place the students into grades.